Get the best out of your brain!


University and work can be very stressful; so here’s a few tips to get the most out of our day and get that work and revision ethic on the up!

1.Healthy Habits

It may seem obvious, but maintaining a healthy diet pattern can be key to maximizing your focus and increase productivity. Glucose (or blood sugar) levels in our body reflect how active our brains are, so a low blood sugar level will result in low productivity and make every task seem a lot harder. High blood sugar levels however can cause illness and severe tiredness. This is why it’s very important to keep a steady blood sugar level. There are a few things you can do to ensure you keep glucose levels at a controllable rate. The best way is instead of spreading meals out, try to graze on healthy food such as nuts and dried fruit throughout the day as these provide you with energy and vital vitamins and minerals to keep your brain on top of its game!


2. Exercise Creates Excellence

We all know exercise is crucial to a healthy lifestyle but what you may not know is that it can improve productivity. As little as an hour and a half of gentle exercise a day can improve brain efficiency. This is because exercise stimulates the development of mitochondria in your body, which are often called the “power plant” of the cell. These provide your body with vital sustenance to power through those long work shifts or painful revision sessions!

Useful Tip: Working out in groups or with friends makes the experience far more enjoyable and helps the time go quicker. So whether it be a hard gym session or a slow walk, you get the perks of exercise as well as a positive social experience!


3. Music Makes Magic

Scientists have found that during repetitive and draining tasks; background music improves happiness and efficiency in a stressful environment. There is evidence to suggest that the more familiar you are with the music, the more it helps you focus. This is down to the fact that when you know the lyrics to a song, you don’t have to listen carefully and therefore you can focus on the task ahead; very helpful during those late night essays or catching up on a missed days’ work! If you’re stuck in a very noisy workplace, playing music through earphones (If allowed!) can drown out unwanted background noises and keep your brain focused on the task at hand!


4. Laughing Reduces Stress, No Joke!

Laughing is a key contributor to reducing stress levels (no, really!). The action of laughing releases endorphins that go to your brain that encourage concentration and focus. So whenever you’re feeling like you’re running out of steam, take a short break and enter the world of comedy. Every time you laugh, you intake a large amount of air which fills your lungs with oxygen rich air that helps your heart, brain and muscles to function much more effectively. Furthermore, laughing stimulates the cooling down of your response to stress, resulting in a far more relaxing experience!


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