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How to stay in contact with friends & family whilst abroad

It’s happening! You got your dream graduate job or graduate internship in the UK and are looking forward to adventures and new experiences far from home. However, while it’s great to leave home and explore new places, it also means that you won’t see your friends and family for a while. Will your pets forget […]

“The only thing I have truly excelled at is being an intern”. If you’re just starting out, this is what you need to do

Want your work experience to become a paid job? Here’s Adrian Chiles’s secret: Making tea is a life skill that can take an intern far in life – it shows willingness to make yourself useful. I first wandered into BBC Television Centre in 1992 on work experience. My placement was in the business programmes department. […]

Why Your First Job Post-College Matters More Than You Know

College graduates are under pressure and in a hurry to find their first job quickly. However, their quest shouldn’t be to secure something to get hired. It should be to find the right fit, recognizing the importance of choosing a role and company that will position them for success. Do not take a “check the box” […]

UK Immigration & Right to Work Overview

Right to work guidance Mar 2019 – Branded Article UK immigration system Generally speaking, the UK immigration system excludes everyone, unless a person is: not subject to immigration control, which includes: British citizens Individuals with right of abode EU nationals and their families, who can rely on EU regulations (for the time being) granted permission […]

Who is Responsible for Ensuring Workers’ Legality?

As a matter of best practice, recruitment agencies generally screen candidates at an early stage and carry out a full right-to-work check before recommending a candidate to an employer. However, it is important to bear in mind that, regardless of the industry and the role, the legal obligation to prevent the employment of illegal workers […]