5 Reasons to do a Placement Abroad!


You probably already know that carrying out a placement abroad can be an exhilarating  & valuable experience that adds significant value to your CV, but just in case you need a little boost to take the leap, here are 5 good reasons to do a placement abroad!

It’s a valuable addition to your CV


Work experience abroad can distinguish you from another candidate who’d have the exact same education as you do.

Of course, one of your main motivations is probably to travel and see the world, but a CV adorned with a placement in the United Stated, the United Kingdom, Asia or Canada can be a huge help in landing the job of your dreams.


Employers value it highly


You have been patient enough to carry out long studies (up to 7 years after high school), after finishing your bachelor or master’s degree why not go abroad as a final boost? Treat yourself from your studies and get yourself a nice American, British, Australian, or even Mexican accent!

Moreover, future employers you meet during your job hunt will clearly see your extensive education which will then be boosted with a placement that reflects your studies and knowledge you have developed.


You will discover new horizons


Aside from the professional benefits to carrying a placement abroad, it is also an opportunity to travel and get out of your comfort zone by exploring and immersing yourself in a new environment, a new city, country and culture sometimes completely different to what you’ve known until now.

Imagine yourself immersed in the heart of one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the world; New York, Mexico, Paris, London! Or even at the other side of the world: Tokyo, New Delhi, Melbourne… Going abroad is the opportunity to leave (almost) everything behind and build yourself a new lifestyle for several months.


You will acquire and develop a new set of skills


Going abroad presents the chance to have a taste of the foreign professional world where the culture and rules are probably different from your home country. Observing and adapting to a new society can be a very inspiring & rewarding experience and being alone in a foreign country will help you become more independent and mature.

You can develop a network of professional contacts


Who knows? Your future placement abroad may lead to a stable and lengthy career? If you are productive and effective in your placement, your employer will be more likely to remember you and contact you again later with work propositions or even offer you a place on the graduate scheme if available. Never underestimate the power of networking and making good contacts, whether it be professional or personal as this can lead to job offers and future opportunities! If you make a good impression, even if your employer isn’t looking to employ you full time, they can write highly valuable references or even spread the word to their friends.

We hope this advice will boost you to take the first step toward your future placement (and toward your future desired career). Best of luck!

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